Ron and Anita Rodeman, collectors

"Jack's work takes you by surprise. If your first exposure to his work is, say, a still life, you'll say, wow, there's a really good still life painter. Then you find out he's painted horses, and you think, well, those can't be so great. I mean, horses! They're really tough to get, right? And a still life painter isn't going to be able to capture them.

But then you see his horse paintings, and you think, oh, so really he's a horse painter who does really great still lifes! Then you see one of his landscapes, and think, now I get it, he's a landscape artist who does incredible horses and wonderful still lifes and... oh, then you just give up, and say, wow, that Jack Atkins is one great painter!

Then you meet Jack and think, hey, that painter sure is a hell of a nice guy! Let's go hang out with him and his wife at the Range next Friday night!"

photograph of Jack's church painting hanging above the Rodemans' fireplace
photograph of Lou Maestas working on a painting
"As you can see from the photo, Jack's beautiful painting of the St. Francis of Assisi Church in Taos occupies a place of honor right above the fireplace where everyone can see it when they walk in. We love the painting and have received lots of Oohs and Aahs from friends and relatives. We hope to add more of Jack's paintings in a new home that we are building."
— Louis Maestas
Ted Slampyak, illustrator
"Mary and I immediately recognized Jack's talent. His bold use of brilliant colors and sharp angles on southwestern themes was irresistible."
Clarke Cagle, collector
"Jack's unique work always attracts the attention of visitors to Weems Gallery. He paints a wide range of subjects in a rich southwest Contemporary realist style. When he does a demonstration in the Gallery his humor and wit charm everyone."
Betty Wilson, manager, Weems Gallery Old Town
"Jack's strength as an artist is his ability to take an idea and just run with it. He doesn't have any consternation. He just has a purity of intent. This shows up in his use of color and composition and in the freshness of his work."